I'm so sorry to see you here. I hope you get better soon. and to everyone who just got lost on their way to somewhere else - better leave, this blog may be triggering.

I'm not promoting any kind of eating disorder.

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No, no, no you cannot do that

You can’t pull me into the center of your universe

Then let me fall all the way back down to earth by myself

" Some names will always taste bitter. "

Tbh I’m scared about six weeks without a plan, without rules and things that need to be done, without going to school. I’d like to just skip those six weeks and go on with how it is now - I can’t handle being on my own without any strict procedure.

Things to change while six weeks vacations:
- get my hair dyed
- lose weight (at least 5kg)
- start the detox tea diet again (more like bringing it to an end)
- do sports
- find a new flat
- find someone who can pretend to love me better than he did

I can’t wait for vacations to start so I can start all over again and come back as a new me